Southside Community Center

Welcome To Your Center!

The Southside Community Center is proud to have been serving the Spokane area for over 40 years. The Center and its staff are happy to continue to offer classes, games, and community engagement opportunities for all ages in the Spokane community. 

Our Center is working hard to bring you things that excite you, with new travel opportunities, free monthly luncheons, and much more. The center is no longer just a senior center, we are all a community here, now offering new events like Monday night BINGO, and quarterly dinner parties. 

Join us Tuesday November 21st for our monthly lunch!

This month we will be having our Thanksgiving themed lunch! Everyone of our members is a valuable part of our center and we are so thankful for all the time they spend volunteering, helping, and bettering the center!



Does Your Nonprofit Have a Newsletter? - The Fountain Hills Cultural &  Civic Association

The Southside Community Center publishes a monthly newsletter. 

To join our newsletter email list or download this months newsletter visit our  'Breaking News' page. 

Southside Community Center presents Santa's Breakfast! This will be an affordable opportunity to meet Santa, get pictures, and have a tasty breakfast (either in house or To-Go). More information to be determined, website will be updated as soon as information is available :)

   Please join us for the Christmas Ball hosted by Ingrid Lavoie! It will be a night of fun and great music. It is $8 at the door, per person. RSVP Through Ingrid at